No. Institutions Activities Period Result
Start End
1 Faculty of pharmacy Universitas Gadjah Mada Faculty Development 2011 2015 Tridarma of Higher Education
2 Faculty of Pharmacy UAD APKKM 2011 2015 Tridarma Higher Education
3 Faculty of Pharmacy UMP APKKM 2011 2015 Tridarma Higher Education
4 Faculty of Pharmacy UHAMKA Jakarta APKKM 2011 2015 Tridarma Higher Education
5 Public Health OfficeBantul The Improvement and Development of Health Quality Service in Bantul District and Educational Program of Health Practitioners Faculty of Medicine and Health Science UMY 2002 2007 Utilization of Public Heath Center District Sleman as the education facility of community clinic for Medicine Program, Dentistry Program, and Pharmacy program.
6 PKU Muh. Hospital Yogyakarta Medicine Program, Dentistry Program and Bachelor of Nursing Study Program 18th of September 2011 17th of September 2018 Utilization of Public Hospital as the education facility for Pharmacy and Pharmacist students.