Pharmacy Department was established in 2010 based on the decree of Ministry of Higher Education No.98/D/O/2010 on 0th of July 2010.


The academic education refers to Competency-Based Curricullum and be the first and the only one study program that used Full Problem Based Learning (PBL) method. Pharmacy Study Program provides several excellent facilities such as:

  • Mini pharmacy and mini hospital pharmacy installation located in Mini Faculty Hospital
  • Integrated Islamic Curriculum.
  • Tutorials and Plenary Discussion Program.
  • Soft Skill Program.
  • Early Pharmaceutical Exposure.

The learning activities will take place on campus, hospital, pharmacies, drug industry, and field practice, as well as the practicum, e-lab and clinical skills (skill lab). The other activity is English Hours, it is an event to improve students English skill. Pharmacy Program provides Hot Spot Area for free intrenet access, and Electronic Library for easy library access. The main interest of Pharmacy Education is Clinical Pharmacy and Community which is more emphasize on clinical aspect and Pharmaceutical Care.

Educational Objectives 

The educational objectives of Pharmacy Program are:

  • To produce the graduates who competent, have high quality, professional, and Islamic in clinical and pharmacy services in community.
  • To produce the graduates who capable in pharmacy science based on moral ​​and Islamic values.