Pharmacy Student Association (HIMFA) is one of the organizations in the form of Student Executive Institution in Department level, in Undergraduate Program of Health and Medicine Faculty. HIMFA is responsible for overseeing all pharmacy students in general as well as organizations domiciled at the study program (TBO SEDATIF, PIO, IRPC).

The Chairman of HIMFA is elected through the General Elections mechanism along with executive Student Executive Bureau in University level annually. The elected chairman is authorized to establish stewardship according to his needs, ranging from Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, & Departments. As for the implementation of budgeting organization, HIMFA is also supervised by Student Representative as other organization in University.

However, in terms of organization & constitution, HIMFA is supervised by MAPERTA (Advisory Council) which contains several alumnies. HIMFA is also a full member of the Association of Indonesian Pharmacy Student Senate (ISMAFARSI) and is included in the JOGLOSEPUR (Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Purwokerto) area. With such membership, HIMFA reserves the right to vote, being voted in each trial or other event at ISMAFARSI.